How To Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World: A Nick Review

“The son becomes the father, and the father the son.” This quote is from Jor-El from the very first Superman movie, back in 1978. I feel like this quote really sums up how this movie begins, and ends. How To Train Your Dragon 3, truly completes a saga, that is arguably, one of the best trilogies in film history. While overall, I felt that this final installment was slightly a step down from the previous films, but my goodness, it is not by much!

This film is really an evolution from the first movie. Even Berk has changed so much from the first movie. If you remember, in the very first movie, Berk was a cold, dark, and gray place. But when you see it in this new movie, Berk is shown in brilliant colors, and if a very vibrant, happening place. It was a place that hated dragons, but was now a safe haven for any and all dragons.

Hiccup has REALLY grown up in this series, and that is something I am happy the filmmakers did for him and the rest of the characters. Even in HTTYD2, they aged him up. Which was a wonderful thing, because we could see him (I think in his early 20s?) really grow up and mature, and him continuing his journey to the man he is destined to be. His and Astrid’s chemistry, is still top notch.

One thing I have loved from this franchise, is that they gave the dragons the personality of dogs instead of lizards. It makes them more friendly and much more relatable. I loved how Toothless and Hiccup just have that special bond with each other that is just fun to watch. The Toothless and Light Fury scenes, were almost reminiscent of “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin. I truly loved seeing them grow and bond together through out the course of the film.

I felt that Grimmel was an ok villain. He, like the last villain, was a dragon hunter and killer. He may have been the smartest villain, as he didn’t use brute force to subdue his victims, rather his intellect and cunning. I am just glad he wasn’t a typical mustache twirling villain.

The final 15 minutes of this movie, have all the feels. It really wraps up this amazing saga, and shows how far Hiccup and Toothless have come, and how their bond is simply unbreakable. I have never seen a more perfect ending to an animated film in a long time. Overall, How To Train Your Dragon 3, is a simply fun film that really ends on the perfect note. It’s not as good as the other two films before it, but man, is it almost on par with them! I give How To Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World: 4.5 Light Furies out of 5.

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