Alita: Battle Angel: A Fun Yet So-So Review

Let me first start this review by saying that, I am not familiar with Alita: Battle Angel in terms of the Manga this particular film is derived from. This review is only based on the film itself, and not the Manga.

Alita: Battle Angel is one GORGEOUS movie! The graphics in it were very brilliant and just a beauty to behold. And the action sequences were stellar and were just as amazing as the graphics from a choreography standpoint. But that is where most of the positivity ends with me for the most part. The story overall was meh. Like I really enjoyed the character building of Alita. But that is where the character building ended. All of the other characters had the potential to go deeper into their characters, but barely scratched the surface.

Seeing the titular character grow from the beginning of the movie, to the end, was truly fun and wonderful to see play out. She has a quick wit about her, and my favorite part of the film is when she is in the bar wanting to gain allies. Rosa Salazar really brought this character to life and if there is a sequel (box office and reception will be key into figuring that out), then I would love to see her return and continue to see her grow with this role.

Ok, let’s get to the not so good stuff in this movie. As I said, the story was a bit so-so. Like it started out pretty solid, but then it just got caught up in the spectacle of it’s own movie and lost it’s way. Another part of the negative side of this movie, was some of the performances. The big one was Mahershala Ali as Vector. I mean WOW. He really phoned it in on this role. It was like he was trying to portray a poor man’s version of Blade and Morpheus from The Matrix trilogy. Ali is very VERY wonderful actor and he usually brings it in all his roles. But not this one. I felt like he was sleepwalking through the film and was just a really weak villain.

Another poor performance, was by the actor who plays Hugo in the movie. He is the love interest of Alita in the film and to be honest, I never felt a love connection between them. And I felt like he was not the right guy for this particular role. His acting was just not up to snuff and the character was just written poorly. It was like I was watching a wannabe version of Four from the Divergent movies. I just never felt the chemistry between him and Alita throughout this movie. He just made some really dumb choices in this movie that had me shaking my head a lot.

I will say that I enjoyed Christoph Waltz as Dr. Ido. And it was actually nice seeing him playing a good guy for once. I was starting to worry that he would only be typecast as a villain (only because he plays one so well). But I really enjoyed his bond with Alita and how he got to be the person he is.

Overall, Alita: Battle Angel is a wonderful visual experience that I think many people will enjoy. The story, however, is something that will probably leave filmgoers feeling a bit dry. I give Alita: Battle Angel: 3 Dropkicks out of 5.

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