The Lego Movie 2: A Brick By Brick Review

To start with, I LOVED the first Lego Movie. It had a lot of laughs, tons of fun, and even had a bit (or block 😉) of heart. The cheap human made sounds of the “Pew Pew” guns that were being shot at the heroes, to the wonderful humor of Bad Cop/Good Cop, to the catchy song “Everything Is Awesome”. With that being said, going into this sequel, my expectations were pretty high to say the least. But I must say, that while the sequel was good and funny, it wasn’t quite as good as the first movie.

So let’s go over some of the cons first, before getting to the good stuff. Lego Movie 2 felt like it was The Lego Batman Movie 1.5. As I felt like towards the middle and even the end of the movie was a bit Batman heavy. Nothing wrong with that because I throughly enjoyed Lego Batman, but this series is supposed to be about Emmet’s journey as “The Special” with the side characters playing a role in that journey. And there was a lot of WB/Batman in-movie jokes that were funny, but only if you knew the drama going on behind the scenes with WB getting a Batman movie off the ground.

Another issue that I had, was the fact that I tried to figure out if the Lego’s were somehow sentient in some way. In the first movie, you knew that this was the imagination of the kid. So everything seemed to make sense in a way because you knew that it was from the mind of a kid. But in the sequel, there were parts that made it seem like they had minds of their own and it was kinda weird. Ok on to the good stuff!

The music in this film was absolutely funny and once again catchy. “Gotham City Guys” was hilarious and so was “Everything’s Not Awesome”. The chemistry between Emmet and Lucy was on point and still funny how they played off each other. The new characters Rex, Queen Watevra Wa’nabi, and General Mayhem were fine. I thought those three brought a new level to the Lego world, and really stood out when they needed to. I will say the Rex character was almost an exact copy of Chris Pratt’s character in Jurassic World though.

In the end “Everything is not Awesome” and that’s OKAY! This movie was still funny and I had a really good time with this movie. I think families will have a great time at the theater with this movie. I give The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part: 4 Master Builders out of 5!

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