Hello, Goodbye

2018 has been an interesting year for me. I have had to say goodbye to both of my Grandparents houses. I still have memories of growing up in those houses. So I guess as long as I am alive, those memories will always live on. I have also had to say goodbye to my old job. While I only worked there for just over two years, I met some wonderful people there and I hope to continue to meet great people at my new job!

I have said “Hello” to some new friends I have made this year. I am very grateful to have met them and I hope that the friendship last forever. Something else I have had to say “Hello” to is this blog ha ha. I have seriously neglected it. And I have decided to “Relaunch” this blog, due to in part of my friends encouraging me to do so. I have started making quick reviews on Instagram for the movies I have watched, and it seems to be pretty popular, but it is mostly on the surface level stuff. The point of this blog, is go in-depth and give my full complete thoughts. I will still continue my Instagram posts, but I will also do a blog post, that will go in-depth as well.

Lastly, we leave 2018 I want to give people some advice heading into 2019 and the future: BE.A.WARRIOR! One thing I have noticed in the movies and television shows and even in real life this year, is that we can be better than what we already are. As humans, we are capable of going above and beyond the limits that we have to do incredible things. We can all be someone of importance. We need to stop tearing each other down and ourselves down. If we just work together, the things we can achieve would be out of this world.

Stay tuned to my blog and Instagram for even more movie reviews and insights in 2019!

I leave you with a song I have listened to a ton this year: “This Is Me”

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