Justice League: A Nick Review

*Some spoilers ahead*

So this will be my very first full on written review of a movie.  Hopefully I can make this a regular thing! But here goes…

Long ago, in a time before our time….whoops wrong type of opening!

Justice League is a movie that is enjoyable but does have its ups and downs.  So let me start with the good.  I really enjoyed the movie as a whole.  I thought it was much better than Batman v Superman but a step down from the awesome Wonder Woman movie.  As some of you may know, Zack Snyder had to step down from finishing up Justice League to deal with a family issue.  So Warner Bros., brought in the eventual director of the upcoming Batgirl flick and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer creator, Joss Whedon.  And I will say that, you can kind of tell which scenes were Joss’ scenes, and which were Snyder scenes.  You could almost point out the Joss-like humor in some of the scenes.

The chemistry of the entire cast, felt pretty solid.  I was glad they brought back Jeremy Irons as Alfred back.  He honestly has been the best Alfred in the entire Batman movie franchise.  The music in this movie was better than in BvS.  They included a version of the 1989 Batman movie theme and the John Williams’ Superman themes in this movie.  And that really took me back to those movies with Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeve.

The action scenes in this movie were pretty awesome.  But the opening scene with Wonder Woman, was just incredible! After seeing that, it makes me want to go back and watch Wonder Woman all over again.


And now it is time for the bad.  I will be honest and say that, this movie felt rushed.  For instance there is a scene where the League is standing around a monument, and the environment around them looked like something someone tried to stitch together in Photoshop.  The CGI in certain scenes looked pretty horrible.  Especially on Cyborg for certain parts of the film.  I just feel like, for those parts alone, they should have pushed the release date of this movie to 2018.

Which brings me to my next issue with the movie, we needed more solo films BEFORE Justice League was even thought of.  While each character (The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman) got their own little back story during the movie, it felt like I had just missed something when they brought something up in conversation.  I know DC wanted to go the anti-Marvel route and have a team-up movie (Avengers style) before having more solo films, but that was a mistake.  After Wonder Woman, we should have gotten The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, THEN Justice League.  I will go into my thoughts on each member of the League shortly, but I just think having solo movies, would have set up this movie better.

And the last bad thing about Justice League, Steppenwolf…


This guy basically shows up out of nowhere and claiming that he will rule Earth, and shape it to his own vision through the eyes of Mother (mother boxes/McGuffin’s of the movie) and they will kneel to him and blah, blah, blah.  There was ZERO character motivation for him to even appear.  Going back to Man of Steel, Zod had REASONS for wanting to rule over Earth and terra-form it.  He had clear reasons as to why he was doing what he was doing.  Also, I didn’t think the CGI was awful on him as much as some people believe so.

Now let’s move on to my view points on all the members of the Justice League.

Batman/Bruce Wayne


While Batman had some pretty cool scenes, I felt like Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, was kinda “checked out” in certain scenes.  I know Ben has been eyeing to leave the Batman character (and after the box office numbers, I think we can all say bye-bye), but I did love the chemistry between him and Alfred.  It’s funny, in the animated series, Batman was always the leader, and I was expecting that in this movie, but Wonder Woman was pretty much the leader (and with good reason).

Wonder Woman


Coming off a really awesome standalone film, again, Gal Gadot SHINES as Wonder Woman.  I’m happy they made her the leader of this movie.  It makes the most sense.  She is the oldest member of the team, and has the most tactical experience of the League combined.  Again the opening scene with her, just made me want to see a Wonder Woman 2, like right now!!  She really took the other members under her wing, and took charge when it needed to happen.

Superman/Clark Kent


Ok so Superman/Clark Kent is only in the movie maybe 12-15 minutes total.  I did not like how he wasn’t included in the marketing of this movie as if no one knew Superman was coming back.  You can’t have Justice League without Superman.  Everyone said that “THIS IS THE SUPERMAN WE HAVE ALWAYS WANTED!!” And I am looking around like, ‘Umm yeah this is the same Superman from Man of Steel BvS….’ So I didn’t really notice a big difference in the Man of Steel.  I wish we could have spent more time with him and Lois and Martha to maybe get into his brain and see what he is thinking about or doing.  It is interesting how Joss didn’t really dive much into it after Superman returns.  On Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Joss had Buffy really struggle coming back to life and I didn’t see a struggle for Superman coming back to life.  But the scenes with Superman, were pretty cool.

The Flash/Barry Allen


If you notice, I posted both the movie Flash (Ezra Miller) with the CW’s Flash (Grant Gustin).  I know many people were upset that Grant wasn’t playing Barry in the Justice League.  And honestly, I am glad he didn’t.  I really enjoyed Ezra’s take on The Flash.  He was funny throughout, but took things seriously when the moment called for it.  His suit however, felt 60% real and 40% CGI, so there were scenes where he looked odd in the suit just standing in certain scenes.  There were also times where he was running and the lightning around him was a bit much.  But overall, I hope they use Ezra more in DCU films.  And it would be nice if they had a nice little nod to the CW’s Flash by having someone tell him “Run Barry, Run!!”  Or maybe just maybe for like 3 seconds, The Flash can be running through the speed force and crosses paths with the CW’s Flash. It will never happen, but still cool nevertheless.



Aquaman was pretty good in this movie.  He has a bit of the surfer/meat head personality, but was pretty wise when the moment arose.  I was happy when they showed off his speed in the water when he dove in, because Aquaman is almost as fast as Superman or The Flash in the water (at least in my opinion).  One could say that his bad ass attitude was a driving force for the League.  He was in it enough that I am looking forward to his standalone movie in December 2018.



Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, was the true hero of this movie.  Honestly, without him, the League would probably be dead in the water.  Going back to the CGI, I just didn’t like how all of Cyborg was all CGI.  Some scenes he looked very good in all CGI, others he didn’t.  Also, I kinda wish he wasn’t so Spock-like with his dialogue.  I still enjoyed him and I hope to see more of him, but hopefully he will have more personality the next time we see him.  Keep your ears open for a special nod he gives to the TV shows: Teen Titans and Teen Titans GO!

Overall, I will say that I enjoyed Justice League very much.  While it has its shortcomings, and some eye-rolling moments, I urge you to go check it out.  And I think kids will actually enjoy it too.  If you feel like you need to see BvS or Wonder Woman to get to know these characters, that would be a good idea.

I am not going to get into the whole box office drama of it all.  This is just a review about this movie.

My final score: 3.5 Mother Boxes out of 5

This is theme/opening I probably would have used 🙂

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